Bug Bounty

The Candy Chain Bug Bounty Program invites participants to uncover security vulnerabilities in its blockchain ecosystem, rewarding discoveries with Candy Tokens based on severity.

Candy Chain Bug Bounty Program

Candy Chain is committed to ensuring the security and stability of our blockchain technology. We believe in the collective power of the community to help us build a secure and reliable system. That's why we are excited to announce the Candy Chain Bug Bounty Program!


The Bug Bounty Program is open to all of Candy Chain's services including:


Rewards are based on the severity of the vulnerability according to the following tiers:

  • Critical: Up to $100,000 in Candy Coins

  • High: Up to $50,000 in Candy Coins

  • Medium: Up to $20,500 in Candy Coins

  • Low: Up to $10,000 in Candy Coins

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit your findings to bug@candychain.com

  • Provide detailed information, including steps to reproduce the vulnerability

  • Include your contact information for follow-up

  • Submit only original work, and do not disclose the bug publicly until it has been addressed

Rules & Eligibility

  • Responsible disclosure is a must

  • Any testing must not harm Candy Chain's infrastructure or users

  • Automated scanning is prohibited

  • Submissions must be in English

  • Employees of Candy Chain and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate

Participants must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. Candy Chain reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time without prior notice.

By participating in the Candy Chain Bug Bounty Program, you agree to these terms.

For more information, please contact bug@candychain.com

Together, let's make Candy Chain the safest and most secure blockchain technology!

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