Explore Wrapped Candy Chain ($WCCC) on Ethereum. Participate in presales, bridge tokens to Candy Chain, and access full token details.

Wrapped Candy Chain ($WCCC) Token Documentation


Wrapped Candy Chain ($WCCC) is the ERC-20 representation of Candy Chain's native coin, designed for use within the Ethereum network. This wrapped version enables users to participate in the presale event for Candy Chain on the Ethereum Main Net. Following the presale, users can seamlessly bridge their Wrapped Candy Chain tokens from Ethereum Main Net to Candy Chain, receiving $CANDY tokens once the bridge process is completed.

Contract Address


Presale Details

How to Participate

  1. Connect Wallet: Connect your Ethereum wallet to the designated presale platform.

  2. Purchase $WCCC: Buy Wrapped Candy Chain tokens ($WCCC) with ETH.

  3. Confirmation: Confirm the transaction in your wallet, and the $WCCC tokens will be sent to your address.


  • Total Supply: 20,000,000,000 $WCCC on Ethereum Network to date.

  • Presale Allocation: 20,000,000,000 $WCCC Available for Presale on Ethereum Network.

Bridging to Candy Chain


  1. Navigate to Bridge Interface: Go to the official Candy Chain bridge portal.

  2. Connect Wallet: Connect your Ethereum wallet containing the $WCCC tokens.

  3. Select Amount: Choose the amount of $WCCC tokens you wish to bridge.

  4. Confirm Transaction: Confirm the bridging transaction, and the equivalent $CANDY coins will be sent to your Candy Chain address once the process is completed.


  • Bridge Fee: 0.075%


Please make sure to only use the official links and follow the instructions detailed in this document. Be aware of phishing sites and always double-check the contract address.


For any issues or questions related to Wrapped Candy Chain ($WCCC), please contact our support team at

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