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This docs page provides guidelines on how to use Candy Chain's brand logos. It outlines the available logo versions, including full-color, monochrome, and various formats.

Using Candy Chain Brand Logos

Welcome to the Candy Chain documentation! This page is your guide to using the Candy Chain brand logos, ensuring that they appear in a manner consistent with our brand guidelines.

Available Logo Versions

We offer several versions of our brand logo to accommodate different use-cases:

  1. Full Color: Best used in contexts where a multi-color display is feasible and matches the brand's primary color scheme.

  2. Monochrome: Available in black and white, ideal for single-color print jobs or where color is restricted.

  3. Horizontal and Vertical Layouts: For flexibility in different spatial settings.

  4. SVG and PNG Formats: SVG for web and any scalable needs, and PNG for general use.

  5. Icon Only: Our logo minus the text, ideal for smaller spaces or mobile displays.

Accessing the Logos

You can download all versions of our brand logos from our GitHub repository.

Guidelines for Using Our Logos


  1. Maintain Proportions: Always scale the logo proportionally; do not stretch or compress.

  2. Minimum Size: Ensure that the logo is not smaller than 100px in digital formats or 1inch in print.

  3. Contrast: Always place the logo on a background that provides adequate contrast.

  4. Space: Always maintain a buffer zone around the logo that is at least 50% of the logo's size.


  1. Don't Alter: Do not rotate, add effects, or alter the logo's colors.

  2. Don't Combine: Never use our logo closely tied with another logo or graphic.

  3. No Complex Backgrounds: Do not place our logo on a busy or textured background.

Specifics for Developers

Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon Smart Contracts

If you are using our logo within a dApp, smart contract, or other blockchain-related project, please be sure to use the versions found in the official repositories:

Need Help?

For any additional inquiries or for custom permission, you can reach us through the following channels:

Thank you for supporting Candy Chain and adhering to our brand guidelines!

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