Welcome to the Sugary, the treasury system of Candy Chain. Designed to sustain and grow the ecosystem, the Sugary is funded by a minimal 0.001% fee on all transactions.

Sugary: Candy Chain's Treasury System


Welcome to the Sugary, the lifeblood of the Candy Chain ecosystem. The Sugary serves as the treasury for Candy Chain, and is designed to foster sustainability and facilitate continuous growth. This is made possible by a nominal fee of 0.001% levied on all transactions across various Candy Chain platforms, including transfers on the Candy Chain itself, swaps on our Candy Swap platform, and other associated operations.

By charging this minuscule fee, we can ensure that the ecosystem remains healthy and can be further developed and maintained.

How Does Sugary Work?

Transaction Fees

Each time a transaction takes place within the Candy Chain network or associated platforms, a small fee of 0.001% is automatically deducted and added to the Sugary. This applies to:

  • Transfers of Candy Chain tokens within the network.

  • Exchanges made on Candy Swap.

  • Transactions involving our bridge at Candy Bridge.

Fee Collection

The collected fee is immediately sent to the Sugary smart contract. Smart contracts for Sugary are deployed on:

Where Does the Fee Go?

The fees collected in the Sugary are utilized in various ways:

  • Liquidity Provision: A portion goes back into the liquidity pool to improve the overall trading experience on Candy Swap.

  • Development and Maintenance: Funds are allocated for the continued development and maintenance of Candy Chain's platforms.

  • Community Rewards and Incentives: Portions are utilized for staking rewards, liquidity mining, and other community-driven events.

  • Future Innovations: Reserved for research and the development of new features or platforms within the Candy Chain ecosystem.

Transparency and Audits

To ensure the utmost transparency, all transactions related to the Sugary can be tracked in real-time through our public smart contracts. Audits will be conducted periodically and the reports will be made publicly available.


Is the fee applicable to staking rewards?

No, the 0.001% fee is not applicable to staking rewards.

How often are the funds in Sugary used?

The funds in the Sugary are used based on the roadmap and planned activities, which are communicated to the community in advance.

For any further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at or join the community discussions on Discord and Telegram.

Last updated: 8/28/2023

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