Discover Wrapped Candy Chain ($WCCC) on Polygon. Seamlessly interact with Candy Chain using Polygon's scalable network, and get all token info.

Wrapped Candy Chain ($WCCC) Token Documentation


Wrapped Candy Chain ($WCCC) on the Polygon network is an ERC-20 compatible token designed to bring Candy Chain's unique functionalities to Polygon users. By leveraging the scalable and efficient Polygon architecture, $WCCC allows for seamless interaction between the Candy Chain network and Polygon.

Contract Address


Presale Details

How to Participate

  1. Connect Wallet: Connect your Polygon-enabled wallet to the designated presale platform.

  2. Purchase $WCCC: Buy Wrapped Candy Chain tokens ($WCCC) with MATIC.

  3. Confirmation: Confirm the transaction in your wallet, and the $WCCC tokens will be sent to your address.


  • Total Supply: [Provide Total Supply Information]

  • Presale Allocation: [Provide Allocation Information]

  • Price: [Provide Price Information]

Bridging to Candy Chain


  1. Navigate to Bridge Interface: Go to the official Candy Chain bridge portal.

  2. Connect Wallet: Connect your Polygon wallet containing the $WCCC tokens.

  3. Select Amount: Choose the amount of $WCCC tokens you wish to bridge.

  4. Confirm Transaction: Confirm the bridging transaction, and the equivalent $CANDY coins will be sent to your Candy Chain address once the process is completed.


  • Bridge Fee: 0.01%


Please make sure to only use the official links and follow the instructions detailed in this document. Be aware of phishing sites and always double-check the contract address.


For any issues or questions related to Wrapped Candy Chain ($WCCC) on the Polygon network, please contact our support team at support@candychain.com.

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